Our Scholarship Program

Freshmen Sendoff Picnic 2010

Freshmen Sendoff Picnic 2010

In 1985/86 our chapter established a scholarship, awarded each year, to a Penn State freshman from the Maine/New Hampshire area.  The amount awarded began at $200, in subsequent years multiple amounts were given.  In response to rising out-of-state tuition rates, the scholarship, through the generosity of our members, has grown to $1,000!

Applications are mailed to eligible incoming students in our area, along with the invitation to our send-off picnic.  Students need not attend the picnic to be eligible for the scholarship, however, it does give our selection committee an opportunity to meet and learn more about them. The winner is voted upon by the entire Board at a meeting held  immediately following the picnic. (Family members of the board are ineligible for the scholarship).

The scholarship money is awarded at the following year’s picnic, after successful completion of the winner’s first year and with their full intention to resume his/her education at Penn State.  It is our hope that the winner is available to attend the picnic and share their first year experiences at Penn State with our new students.  The use of the funds is at the discretion of the recipient.

Scholarship Winners

Christopher Dubuc: Hudson, NH

Sean Cashman: Laconia, NH

Ryan Donnelly: Concord, NH
Maggie Alosa: Concord, NH

Jeremy Munn: York, ME

2012 –
James Merrill: Littleton, NH

2011 –
Evan Leith: Litchfield, NH

2010 –
Hannah Estrich: Kingston, NH

2009 –
Aimee Walters: Derry, NH

2008 –
Matthew Calabrese: Chester, NH
Cameron Fry:  Jay, ME
Elizabeth Lavigne: Salem, NH
Rex Rodanas: Bedford, NH

2007 –
Katherine Gloede: Camden, ME
Prescott Titus: Nashua, NH
Lauryn DeBaie: Londonderry, NH
Suzanne Kiley: Salem, NH

2006 –
Matt Hall: Newbury, NH


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  1. Hello fellow PSU alum. I just moved to the Camden area from Sarasota, Florida. While there I was an Allumni board member for several years. Wondering if there are any places to go where other PSU ALUMNI watch the football games?

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