Our Chapter

Maine-NH PSU Alumni Assn

We Are… celebrating our 32nd year in existence as a New England Chapter!

The Maine-New Hampshire Chapter was founded in 1985 by a core group of Nittany Lion faithful enthusiastically bringing Happy Valley to our area. Their mission was to provide graduates of all ages a current link to their roots at Penn State. A variety of graduating years, family, and friends sharing fond memories and camaraderie among the “PSU family”!

Join us in sharing a love for The Berkey Creamery, fall weekends, football, Pennsylvania, the Nittany Lion shrine, Rathskellar, Café 210, College Avenue, the wall, the Tavern, classes at Willard and Sparks, McElwain and Simmons, East Halls, the Blue Band, Pattee and Paterno libraries, Arts Fest, Nittany Lion Inn, the Arboretum, new developments on campus…

Not a member yet?  We welcome you to join us!